Now Bring Little Bundle Of Hope And Happiness With In Vitro Fertilisation!

Long gone are the days when IVF was in reach of few as now, it is easy to take up the surrogates if a couple is unable to conceive naturally. One of the toughest days of my life when my gynecologist broke the news that chances are very weak to conceive a baby naturally, I froze in my tracks.

Like every couple, we too had a dream of a small and happy family, then my friend told me about, in vitro fertilization; although my doctor did mention some of the alternatives that would help, I was so freaked out, or I should say I was out of my mind. 

A word for the new mothers

Being a Mom is not at all easy. A mother has to make sure that the baby is protected all the time. A mother is the best and strongest support that the baby has. A mother’s responsibility never gets over, and the motherly instincts shall always implore you to take better care of the baby. However, as a new mother, you might have your insecurities and inhibitions regarding motherhood. You might even have doubts about the kind of mother you wish to become, but it is always advisable to have the patience to go with the flow. This is to say that you need to learn from the baby and adapt yourself to the baby’s changing needs. Motherhood is a beautiful phase of your life, and till the time you are not confident about yourself, you shall not be able to accept the parenting phase. 

Even when it comes to a father, nothing changes. The responsibilities that a father has been no less than that of a mother. A father has to take care of a lot of things, including getting best baby bottles to reduce gas if the baby has colic. Fatherhood is a life-changing phase and experiences for a man, and you must take it seriously for the betterment of the child.  


How to boost the success rate of your first IVF shot!

  • Consult with your doctor: It is important to take up speedy action, as this will help you find the best and simple ways to gain insight into the process that you can do as advised so that you can get through it without fail.
  • Find the best infertility clinic:  Do your research so that you get the best treatment and try to know some of the other ways to help you know how to become fertile, even if you are seeking alternative treatment.
  • De-stress yourself: Stress is the mother of all evil, so try to keep yourself calm, as it will improve the chance of getting pregnant, as your body will respond to the treatment in a better way. 


To help all the couples going through hard times, I thought to pen down beliefs so that you can nail it with your first In vitro fertilization attempt. If you want to be pregnant through the alternate procedure, it is essential to keep some points in the mind to conceive in the first attempt.